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Past Demonstrations

Mary Dyer Workshop

November 11, 2022

The Figure in the Environment Workshop

James Island Art & Cultural Center

A step-by-step method to help simplify the complicated figure in the environment.


photo of reference with the work in progress

teaching studio space




Beth Tockey Williams

September 11, 2021


Beth shared her setup and approach to working in a series. She advises “to paint what speaks to you.”

During the pandemic year she collected yard debris, burning many fallen palm fronds over the months.

This inspired a highly successful series and this demo. 


VP Debra Poynter supports the iPad photo as Treasurer Renee Bruce oversees Zoom.


From a preselected palette of cool-warm, dark-light pastels, Beth builds background shapes.

Beth adds lighter background pastels of smoke, then reveals the shape of smoke, fire and embers as Beth evaluates next touches.



Among the many tips shared:  

Work the contrasts. Evaluate and adjust. Work out details in small pieces before larger ones.

Find the value of working in a series to evolve interpretations and techniques. Paint. Paint. Paint.




Liz Haywood Sullivan

January 9, 2020


Our heartiest appreciation to Liz Haywood Sullivan for sharing hints and her expertise in pastel painting.

Among many tips, she learned from Albert Handell that vine charcoal is a good tool for blending and adjustments.

She lead us through her setup, decision making in preparation and process, and development to near completion.

Large shapes, values, layers, adjust.  PSSC thanks you for gracing our meeting with a delightful painting session.