Pastel Society of South Carolina
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2021 Member Show Prospectus



ENTRY – Entry fee is $30 for first painting; $15 for second painting.  Maximum of 2 per PSSC member. Maximum dimensions 40” including frame.  Dry pastel only, no oil.  Entry fees must be paid at drop off,
via PayPal on or emailed in advance to Renee Bruce, 9613 Avenue of Oaks, Ladson, SC 29456. 

DROP OFF – Park Circle Gallery, North Charleston (the former Community Center) 4820 Jenkins Ave, North Charleston on Monday, October 4 from 11 AM - 2 PM.

Members must submit the name of their piece(s), artist, and price to Barbara Kohn at  before September24 so the gallery can make the wall tags ahead of hanging.  Member entry forms and a copy of this prospectus will be available for download on Bring your entry form and attach the label to the back of your painting at drop off.  Entry number will be assigned on arrival.

A reception and awards presentation will be held on Friday, October 8, from 5-7 at the gallery.

AWARDS AND PICK UP – Monday, November 1 from 11 AM - 2 PM.   If you cannot pick up your painting, please plan for someone else to do so.  Storage is not available -all artwork must be removed.

AWARDS – The top three winners will earn one point toward Signature membership.  1st place - $150 2nd place - $125 3rd place - $100. Three honorable mention-- $50. The top three winners will earn one point toward Signature membership.  Signature members will compete in a separate division in order to make all points available.  Signature winner --$150.


All PSCC members in good standing who have paid dues in full are eligible to participate. Art work is to remain on display until the close of the show. Neither the PSSC nor the venue are liable for any damage to or theft of artwork.

Only visual fine arts in the form of paintings and drawings are acceptable for PSSC exhibitions or shows. Decorative, computer generated or any other electronically assisted works are not acceptable.  Original artwork only. All paintings done in a school, school-monitored studio or workshop, or under instructor supervision or copied from published photographs or photographs made by someone other than the artist or painted over a mechanical reproduction are ineligible and will be rejected. All paintings entered must have been created within the last two years. Older or previously exhibited paintings which have been re-worked are not eligible. All subjects and styles are eligible, from traditional to contemporary. Artwork must be predominantly (80%) soft pastel. Exhibitor must have full copyright to any piece submitted. The PSSC show chairperson, committee members and gallery staff present at drop-off will have the right to reject work deemed inappropriate or in violation of any rule.

By exhibiting in this show you accept any and all liability for damage to or loss of your work.  Neither the PSSC nor the venue offer any form of liability coverage for your work.

Sales will be through Park Circle Gallery and they will receive a 15% commission.

Prospectus PDF Download

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