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Annual Exhibitions


CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of Light & Luminosity: The Pastel Experience!


Signature Division

1st Place Signature Division - Beth Williams - Smoke and Embers


Members Division

1st Place Member's Division -  Anita Beaty - The Pink Queen


2nd Place Member's Division - Tammy Papa - Sing Song Oysters


3rd Place Member's Division - Leigh Royer - Rock Pools




Debra Kelly - Cruising The Countryside


Karen Gaag - Beach Sunset


Deborah Poynter - Birds Flying High


Joanne Willoughby - Heating Up




CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the Power of Pastel Exhibition!


Signature Division

1st Place - "Early Riser" by Beth Tockey Williams


Members Division

1st Place - "Rainy Dusk on E. Bay" by Deborah Rosato

2nd Place - "Blue Ridge Barn" by Al Leitch

3rd Place - "Good Day Sunshine" by Debbie Poynter



"Crack of Dawn" by Barbara Kohn

"Twilight on Shem" by Anne Brownyard

"Breakfast at St. Albans" by Lynne Tennyson

"Ready for the Show" by Debra Kelly



November 2nd to 30th


Many thanks to our judges Chris Groves!

Congratulations to all the artists who entered the show and to the award winners!


Signature Division


FIRST PLACE - “Cluster's Last Stand” by Patricia Emery


HONORABLE MENTION - “Wade In” by Beth E. Williams



Members Division

FIRST PLACE - “Overgrown” by Fran Davies

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SECOND PLACE - “Sunday Best” by Elliott West

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THIRD PLACE - “Nature's Majesty” by Joanne Willoughby


HONORABLE MENTION - “Favorite Shoes” by Dan Kraus


HONORABLE MENTION - “The Power of One” by Debbie Poynter






Many thanks to our judges Don and Joyce Nagel!

Congratulations to all the artists who entered the show and to the award winners!


FIRST PLACE - “Glisten” by Beth Williams


SECOND PLACE - “Fall’s First Flush” by Anne Brownyard

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THIRD PLACE - “Seagulls Wading On The Shore” by Rita Ginsberg


HONORABLE MENTION -  “Sunrise Fire” by JoAnn Close

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HONORABLE MENTION - “Summertime Heat Wave In May” by Amy Minson

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HONORABLE MENTION - “Stormy”  by JoAnn Close

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AUGUST 17 - 26

Many thanks to our juror Mark Horton of Horton Hayes Gallery!

Congratulations to all the artists who entered the show and to the award winners! 


FIRST PLACE - "Sea Splash" by Beth Williams


SECOND PLACE - "Red Dahlia" by Trish Emery


THIRD PLACE - "Shade on the Glade" by Elliott West


HONORABLE MENTION - "Misty Marsh" by Faith Cuda


HONORABLE MENTION - "Autumn on the Pond" by Karen Gaag


HONORABLE MENTION - "Pearls and Polyester" by Trish Emery


Thank you to our generous sponsors - Blick Art Materials, Richeson Art, Terry Ludwig Pastels, UArt Pastel Papers





North Charleston City Gallery 5001 Coliseum Drive, North Charleston, SC

Juror: Christoper Groves, OPA, ASMA


FIRST PLACE - "Old Friends" by Jane Hart


SECOND PLACE - "Local Color" by Eve Miller


THIRD PLACE - "Folly Beach Shrimpers" by Trish Emery


HONORABLE MENTION - "Salty Dog" by Elliot West